Brand Celebrity Services

No matter who your audience is, they care about the opinions and behaviours of key individuals in the public eye. These changemakers can be the key to taking your brand to the next level, fast-tracking what you mean to your audience.

However, in an increasingly fragmented celebrity and influencer market, it can be difficult to know who would help your brand, and what you can do together to achieve the impact you demand.

Our unique Brand Celebrity services take this stress away, as we guide you through all elements of your celebrity engagement, led by a highly insightful and experienced talent engagement team.

We work closely with brands to establish a clear and effective plan of who would be most effective, and what activity will deliver the results you seek. We then deliver the full service.

Brand Celebrity Services Include

Helping clients with
Consultancy Expertise

Expert advice on how to best utilise celebrity support in alignment with brand goals.

Celebrity Sourcing

Proven expertise in the recruitment of celebrity talent to support brand campaigns.

PR Outreach

Engaging the public, media and other relevant audiences with the celebrity association to maximise impact.

Celebrity Aftercare

Keeping them up to date on your behalf allowing for follow up campaigns.

Celebrity Content

Concepting and creation of impactful content featuring your aligned talent.

Influencer Engagemetn

Delivering relevant influencer support alongside traditional talent.


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